5 members of 1 family get COVID-19

As the coronavirus has families stuck in doors one unlucky family in Saint Louis, Missouri had five cases of the pandemic.
Ryan Weinhaus is recovering from the coronavirus. It first affected his mother, then it spread to his father, brother, and wife -- until it made its way to Ryan.
Symptoms varied even though they were all from the same family. But there were a few similarities.
"The symptoms really have kind have been unique to all five of us. Where we've all developed something similar while, yet different. Shortness of breath has been a commonality between all of us. My father was rushed to the emergency room just last week, or several days ago I should say, with shortness of breath and ironically he's in the ICU as well just two doors down from where my mom is," said Ryan Weinhaus.
Currently, there are more than 33,000 cases of COVID-19 in the United States.
Although younger people have a lower risk of it being a severe illness, they may still share it with older adults who are susceptible.
"While I'm cautiously optimistic that we're all going to be OK and we're all going to overcome this. We have to use our best judgment. Staying inside, don't just be selfish and worry about yourself and your own health, think about the people you could be affecting as you are going out and thinking that you're invincible," said Weinhaus.

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