Biting nails could spread coronavirus, a nurse has warned

A nurse has warned you could be spreading coronavirus through your nails.
According to the Australian medical worker, the deadly bug can live in your fingernails, so if you bite them, Covid-19 could spread to your mouth.
It comes after a woman's Facebook post went viral, in which she was given a warning about keeping nails short.
She added that people have been prioritising washing their hands, they are forgetting about their finger nails.
The Facebook post read: "Among all the hand-washing instructions and the fun 20-second song suggestions, I haven't seen anyone note that it is impossible to wash your hands properly if your fingernails are long."
The woman went onto say there is an easy way to tell if your fingernails are short enough.
"If you can't put your fingernails straight down against your other palm without your nails adding too much distance to do it, you cannot wash under your fingernails properly unless you use a nail brush every time," the post continued.
And while many of us have been using hand sanitiser regularly to prevent coronavirus, the woman said it won't work for those with long nails.
"If you can't rub the very ends of your fingers against the other palm, then your hands aren't truly clean after you wash them, no matter how long you soap up," she wrote.
"Please, during this global emergency, keep your nails short."

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