Purell Lawsuit: For 'Misleading' 99.99% Claims

Purell's hand sanitizer sales have skyrocketed in recent weeks amid the coronavirus pandemic, but it might have to use some of that money for legal fees ... it's been hit with a class action lawsuit alleging its germ-killing claims are BS.
Purell manufacturer, Gojo Industries, was sued last week in Ohio federal court by 4 individuals claiming the Purell packaging flaunts "misleading claims" about the effectiveness of its product.
According to the legal docs ... Purell's front label claims that it "kills 99.99% of illness causing germs" implies that figure is backed by scientific support, but the folks suing say none exists.
Likewise, the suit adds that Purell hand sanitizer claims to help prevent infection and diseases, but there's allegedly "no sound scientific evidence to support the claims."
The lawsuit also mentions a letter sent by the FDA to Gojo in January, which plaintiffs' claim describes Purell as "nothing more than a topical antiseptic," which was not safe and effective in preventing infection.
The class action suit is seeking unspecified damages for any customer who bought the hand sanitizer and relied on its packaging and marketing materials.

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